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Crosat Telecom Nigeria


iOT Infrastructure and Consulting

Smart Infrastructure iOT
Smart Infrastructure iOT

Crosat Telecom Nigeria provides Internet (iOT) and Infrastructure integration services to provide efficient functioning and monitoring of local infrastructures, enhancing the smartness of a community while also focusing on the security and vulnerability of the applied software/hardware integration for safety and fault-tolerance purposes.

We and our partners provide solutions for local, state and federal level governance that ensure a smoother, safer and more efficient running of provided infrastructure such as:

  • Roads
  • Security
  • Public amenities
  • Monitoring systems

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Our consulting and advisory services

Crosat Telecommunications Nigeria offers complete communications packages for upcoming and intending telecom service providers, new companies and foreign companies seeking a local or regional corporate and operational presence, franchise, acquisition or partnership.

Such services include; 

  • Relevant Government Regulatory License and Permit Application
  • Procurement of required Licenses and Permits
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Surveys 
  • Complete Network and POP design
  • Complete Project Costing and evaluation

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