Crosat Telecom Nigeria

Crosat Telecom Nigeria


Crosat Telecom Nigeria

Welcome to the official web portal for Crosat Telecoms Nigeria Limited.

Established in 2009 in partnership with Crosat Telekom GmbH Austria, We are a pioneer backbone connectivity solutions provider, licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commissions (NCC) to provide:

  • Internet Services
  • Satellite Connectivity (based) services
  • Sales and Installations of Telecommunications and Networking Products, Terminals and Infrastructure.
  • Remote, Offshore and Rural Telephony, Communications and Connectivity (Voice/Video/Data) Services

We provide a broad range of specialised core telecommunications and networking services for local and global connectivity.

Our networks are planned, designed and rolled out for clients in the Private and Government sectors.

We pride ourselves in our vast chain of experienced professionals and partner companies, OEMs and connectivity providers.

Our top-tier solutions are affordable and range from IT Consulting, Infrastructure Planning, Design, Setup, Evaluation, Valuation, Overhauling to third party  Installation Services.

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Crosat Telecom Nigeria